Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moleskine notebook review

These notebooks were originally handmade by a small group of French bookbinders in the 19th and 20th century. It was the favorite notebook of many of the creative "it" crowd of their days. Hemingway, Maltisse, Picasso and Chatwin were known to stock up on them. Then in 1986 the original company in France closed after the death of the owner and these notebooks fell into notebook mythology. Writers and artists alike clamored for whatever they could get on the second hand market. Some bought the many poorly imitated versions out there only to find them better for filling up trash cans than for filling up with words. It wasn't until 1997 when a small Italian company decided to reproduce these legendary notebooks again were the prayers of the long suffering fans answered.

The new productions are designed in Italy but made in China. The volant, cashiers and folio are made in Turkey. The watercolor paper is supplied by a French company.

I like the design of the moleskine. It's binders are sturdy for on the go writing. i.e. the train, deli counters, driving....kidding.....not really. The only complaint is the paper quality sucks! It is a bit glossy and therefore bad for gel pen or ink pen use in general. It's great for pencil writing....but seriously when was the last time you used a pencil unless you are a student, a reporter or a police officer.....when I use a gel pen it take a while for the ink to dry. As far as durability is concerns these little guys hold up.The one pictured is 5+ years old and has seen its share of the rough life. It's been stepped on, spilled on, dropped and forgotten about, my cats have shewed on them and pissed on them. Still they keep on trucking......The binding as you can see still hold up although some of them have come unglued but nothing a little super glue won't fix....

Moleskine are available almost everywhere where quality stationary products are sold. Even Target is carrying them now.....this one is 3.5" by 5.5" with 192 pages. It's about $12.00. This one is lined with a pocket in the inside end binder for keeping stuff like the name of your anonymous sources......

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