Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pilot's BPS-GP Extra Broad ball Point Pen Review

Here is a great ball point pen for the non-ball point pen users of the world. It's one of the top selling ball point pens in Japan. It's an oil base ink so lefties watch out for a little smearing if your hands are a little greasy  such as after you put on some hand lotion. This pen is great for long hours of writing such as for school or writing morning pages-for those Artist's Way devotees. It's got a little triangular rubber grip that is nice and without any funny know what I mean...The cap is made with very sturdy plastic so no matter hard hard you drop it it will not crack. The cap also will not separate if your drop it on a hard surface such as the kitchen floor, the sidewalk on the way to class. This is a 1.6mm but it comes in all sizes so just check around. I bought these off of Jet Pens for about $2.20...but there are many other stores out there that carry them.

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Munkeh said...

Have you ever used a Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen with a broad cartridge? Its the best! Smooth, never gloppy, a joy to use!!!