Friday, June 22, 2012

Zebra's Jimnie Stick (Japanese edition) Review

My current favorite pen to write morning pages (don't know what morning pages are? check out my video by Julia Cameron explaining what all the fuss is all about.) with is Zebra's Jimnie Stick-the Japanese edition. This is a classic pen that I remember as a child living in the far east. It's smooth and yes the ink is that dark-not a photo touch up. It is the blackest of black. It glides like a dream so before you know it your daily writing allowance is up. This particular edition is only available through Tokyo Pens-and in my opinion is the best Jimnie stick edition. It's about $1.50 each and measures about 5.5" long. It is made from very sturdy and high quality plastic so feel free to abuse it all you like...I particularly like the clothes pen like pin cap clip. Makes it very handy to clip on to your favorite moleskine or to bookmark a text book. One down side to the Jimnie stick is once you introduce it to another person they are liable to walk off with it...that's why I keep at least a dozen on hand....

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